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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:  I'm having trouble collecting on my accounts receivables.  Is it expensive to hire an attorney to collect the debts? 

 A:  In most cases, we charge a contingent fee for commercial collections.  If we don't collect anything (which rarely happens) you don't pay a fee.

Q: What is a personal injury?

A: A personal injury is a physical or mental injury caused by someone’s negligent or intentional acts. The following are the most common incidents that can result in personal injury:

- Automobile/truck/motorcycle accidents
- Workplace injuries
- Home injuries
- Wrongful death
- Medical malpractice

Q: Why should I retain legal counsel if I’ve been in an accident?

A: Health issues caused by physical injury can take months or even years to develop. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can assess your situation and help you determine fair compensation for your present and potential losses.

Q: Can I change my will after it has been made?

A: Yes. It is very easy to change your will after it has been made.

Q.  Should I have a Power of Attorney?

A.  Many people benefit by the use of  a Power of Attorney.  Consult the Law Office of Alan D. Budman to see if it's right for you.

Q: How do I know if Bankruptcy is right for me?

A: Filing a Bankruptcy should be an option to be used when other possibilities won't work or are not as effective.  An attorney experienced in Bankruptcy law can analyze your situation and advise what is best for you.

Q: Do I need a lawyer to sell or buy my house?

A: The purchase or sale of your home is generally the largest transaction a person will experience.  In considering the amount of money involved, it makes sense to have an attorney represent your interests even if you have a real estate agent.