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Commercial Collections

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Businesses nationwide use the commercial collections services of our collections attorney and staff.  Our services include the sending of demand letters, collection telephone calls and regular status reports, relieving you of the administrative burden. In businesses facing liquidity problems, unscrambling  accounts and tracing the location and disposition of assets can be difficult.  At the Law Office of Alan D. Budman, we have years of experience and a strong track record of success in commercial collections. We know how to identify, trace and value assets.  We know how to successfully pursue collection litigation on behalf of our clients. In commercial collections and bankruptcy matters, we know how to get results.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Commercial collections work requires special skills and experience. A successful collection lawyer needs patience and the ability to piece together transaction and account activity in order to trace the destinations of funds and assets. At the Law Office of Alan D. Budman, if we see the possibility of success we never give up. Whether we are contacting the debtors or pursuing collections litigation in court, we stay focused on obtaining results for our clients.

A Wide Range of Collection Strategies

At the Law Office of Alan D. Budman, we have pursued collections actions over the full range of creditor-debtor relationships, involving both secured and unsecured debt. We work with the client to determine the optimum strategy in each situation. Sometimes, a creditor wishes to maintain a business relationship with a debtor while it pursues actions against that debtor.  In such situations, we can develop a strategy to collect the debts owed while maintaining the customer relationship.

Use our convenient online Commercial Recovery Transmittal Form to provide information needed to begin the collection process.